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Joe is a multi talented Jersey City Native who stands firmly on the scripture "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"(Philippians 4:13). Among his many blessings the Lord also blessed Joe with a unique gift of writing and performing Gospel plays. He wrote his first play in 1998 entitled "Take Back What The Devil Stole". In 2000, he returned with his play "All that Glitters ain't Gold" which was nominated for a Gospel "Tiffany" award. In 2002, he continued even stronger with "Behind The Shout" where the fullness of his ministerial gifts became even more apparent. In (2006 - "Real Men Pray"), (2008 - "That's My Momma), ("2010" - That's My Momma 2"), (2012 - "Jesus Loves Me") and in (2015 - "Gossip"). Joe and his production company found themselves propelled into a soul stirring season of ministry with the power to impact and change lives.


Through the years Joe has produced skits, instructed workshops for children within the local neighborhood, various churches and non-for-profits including; The Urban League of Hudson County and the Jersey City Public Schools. Joe has done acting, fill-ins on T.V. shows, stage plays such as Hamlet, and The Wiz just to name a few. Joe has also had parts in commercials, and partners with local restaurants that provided his patrons Pre-Theater dinners along with great production entertainment. ​

Joe believes from his personal experiences with life that you can be and do what the Lord God has called you to be in life. Regardless of what your background or educational level maybe God can still use you! Joe expresses this message in all of his stage play performances. He wants you to know that God can and will bring about a change in your life. Joe believes that you will experience this through the message in his Gospel Stage Plays. Joe's favorite scripture is Phil 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Joe often tells people "No matter how difficult life becomes, with God All Things Are Possible!"


"You have to (P.U.S.H.)

Pray, Until, Something, Happens!

"Then watch God work!

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