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For those of y'all that didn't attend this play last night (First Lady) y'all missed greatness!!!!!!! It had everything including home grown talent. Every bit as good as the plays in New York without the crazy price tag, tolls and difficulty parking. Looking forward to the next one. So proud of you Holly!

M. Bullock

Attended a night of dinner and theater "All That Glitters Ain't Gold" produced and directed by the great Joe McRae celebrating his 20 years. The cast was absolutely wonderful, I had no idea it would end with a tragic death of a woman due to domestic violence killed by her lover. Now some of you know I'm a passionate advocate.
Fan Review

Joe McRae my brother, the play was epic! Had great meaning, looking forward to the next one!

Fan Review

Went to see the play "Laughter Is Good For The Soul". This play was fabulous. It was funny but also filled with some serious issues. In December it will be returning to Bound Brook to record. I plan on attending it again. You don't want to miss it when it returns. The music and singing is amazing and touching. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed this play.

A. McClendon

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